About Us

Mirai LLP is a independent app creation company located in Tokyo, Japan. We design and develop iOS (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad) apps.

Our aim is to create innovative and inspiring iOS applications for our users. We have published a suite of industry-leading language learning applications, under the “Mirai Language Systems” brand.

Featured by Apple numerous times on the App Store in the last four years, we strive to continue to push the envelope of what is possible in language learning app technology.

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Mirai Language Systems

Mirai Language Systems is the language app brand of Mirai LLP.

In the pre-app world, virtually all language courses followed the same format, partly constrained by the limitations of the media on which they were delivered.

Apps have more functionality, interactivity, and media options than other language course delivery platforms. Mirai Language Systems designs its courses specifically for apps, with their inherent advantages for language learners.

iStart App Series

Mirai Language Systems has published the iStart app series, which are unique tutor-based language learning apps for absolute beginners. The series contains:

Japanese Kana
Mandarin Chinese

In addition, we publish two subscription-based applications for learning Spanish and Japanese, which are updated with more great content on a monthly basis:
Mirai Spanish
Mirai Japanese